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Gipi has been working in the field of plastics processing since 1977 and offers a broad range of products for use in the construction, transport and nautical sectors as well as any other sector where these products may be employed.

Since the beginning Gipi has offered clients finished goods of undoubted quality obtained from innovative raw materials that when combined with the vast experience of the company, provide excellent products.

Quick delivery, personalisation and punctuality distinguish us as we seek to create relationships with our clients that are constant and long term.

The choice of the compounds and the preparation of the matrices is made within the company as is the planning and production which are constantly controlled by our experts. This guarantees a superior quality product in terms of durability, indeformability and elasticity.

Careful attention is paid to the technical parts of the production cycle which is a key point in proposing products that are competitive for quality in an increasingly varied and refined market defined by clients paying more attention to quality and innovation.